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Comptroller's Handbook Booklets issued prior to the OTS Integration date that now apply to FSAs

OCC #Guidance TitleReason Applicable
CH A-ALLLAllowance for Loan and Lease LossesBy OCC 2012-15
CH AM-AMAsset ManagementBy OCC 2012-02
CH AM-CIFCollective Investment FundsBy OCC 2012-02
CH AM-CIntConflicts of InterestBy OCC 2012-02
CH AM-CSCustody ServicesBy OCC 2012-15
CH AM-IMSInvestment Management ServicesBy OCC 2012-15
CH AM-OCAsset Management Operations and ControlsBy OCC 2012-02
CH AM-PFSPersonal Fiduciary ServicesBy OCC 2012-15
CH AM-RPSRetirement Plan ServicesBy OCC 2012-02
CH A-RCRRating Credit RiskBy OCC 2012-15
CH CCE- CMSCompliance Management SystemBy OCC 2012-15
CH EP- CBSCommunity Bank SupervisionBy OCC 2012-15
CH EP- LBSLarge Bank SupervisionBy OCC 2012-15
CH EP- SupBank Supervision ProcessBy OCC 2012-15
CH L- IRRInterest Rate RiskBy OCC 2012-05
CH O- DerRisk Management of Financial DerivativesBy OCC 2012-05