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The Litigation Division supports the OCC in a wide variety of legal matters, including:

  • Representing OCC in all Federal courts (except the Supreme Court);
  • Filing briefs to inform state courts of OCC’s position on specific legal issues;
  • Representing OCC in the administrative phase of personnel actions;
  • Administering 12 CFR Part 4, subpart C, regarding confidential supervisory information;
  • Providing litigation risk advice on relevant topics; and
  • Preparing legal memoranda related to problem bank resolutions.

Follow the links below to review court decisions and OCC briefs:

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Publish DateIdentifierTitle
12/07/2010  NR 2010-139, OCC, Bank of America Enter Agreement Requiring Payment of Profits Plus Interest to Municipalities Harmed by Bid-Rigging on Financial Products
04/19/2010  NR 2010-45, OCC, T Bank Enter Agreement to Reimburse Consumers
06/29/2009  NR 2009-75, Comptroller Dugan Issues Statement on Supreme Court Case