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1999 Alerts

12/22/1999  Alert 99-13,Banking License Revocation–Equity Bank and Trust Co. Ltd. Montserrat, WI
12/22/1999  Alert 99-12,Unauthorized Banking–National State Bank in Ohio
09/09/1999  Alert 99-11,Banking License Cancellation–Occidental Bank Limited
08/06/1999  Alert 99-10,Suspicious Transactions–Fictitious Sight Drafts
08/06/1999  Alert 99-09,Unauthorized Banking–Osmi Bank Fullerton Financial Corporation
07/26/1999  Alert 99-08,Fraudulent Investment Programs–Fraudulent Municipal Finance Programs
06/21/1999  Alert 99-07,Unauthorized Banking–Caribbean Bank of Commerce, Ltd.
04/08/1999  Alert 99-06,Bank Supervision and Money Laundering Prevention–Financial Transactions Involving Antigua and Barbuda
03/12/1999  Alert 99-05,Unauthorized Banking–South Atlantic International Bank, Ltd.
02/24/1999  Alert 99-04,Unauthorized Banking–Liechetensteinische-Amerikanische Union Bank Corp.
02/24/1999  Alert 99-03,Suspicious Transactions–Counterfeit Cashier's Checks
02/24/1999  Alert 99-02,Suspicious Transactions–Counterfeit Cashier's Checks
01/19/1999  Alert 99-01,Suspicious Transactions–Counterfeit Cashier's Checks