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1997 Bulletins

Publish DateIdentifierTitle
07/03/1997  OCC 1997-26, Community Reinvestment Act: Performance Context
05/20/1997  OCC 1997-24, Credit Scoring Models: Examination Guidance
05/15/1997  OCC 1997-22, Fiduciary Activities of National Banks: Questions and Answers 12 CFR 9
04/10/1997  OCC 1997-21, Interagency Statement on Sales of 100% Loan Participations
03/07/1997  OCC 1997-14, Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System and Disclosure of Component Ratings: Questions and Answers
01/17/1997  OCC 1997-8, OCC Standards for Developing Regulations: Message to Bankers/Examiners