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Rescinded Examining Bulletins

Number Date Title Comment
EB 1993-9 12/23/93 Report of Examination Incorporated3 into the "Bank Supervision Process" booklet
EB 1993-8 11/09/93 Expiration of the Depository Institution Management Interlocks Act Outdated1
EB 1993-7 11/02/93 Interagency Common Core Report of Examination Replaced2 by OCC 2019-11
EB 1993-6 08/31/93 Regulation F: Examination Procedures Replaced2 by Comptroller's Handbook - Liquidity
EB 1993-5 05/25/93 Optional Worksheets for Reporting Income Taxes Outdated1
EB 1993-4 05/13/93 Supplemental Disclosure of Estimated Fair Values Request for comment not implemented
EB 1993-3 04/30/93 Examining For Residential Lending Discrimination Incorporated3 into Fair Lending Handbook
EB 1993-2 04/15/93 Unimpaired Capital and Unimpaired Surplus Outdated1
EB 1993-1 02/03/93 FDICIA Section 112 Annual Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements Replaced2 by BB 1993-45
EB 1992-8 12/17/92 Line Sheets Replaced2 by OCC 1994-33
EB 1992-5 08/10/92 California Registered Warrants Outdated1
EB 1992-4 06/29/92 Risk-Based Capital Guidance Replaced2 – Refer to OCC Bulletin 2018-20
EB 1992-2 04/23/92 FDICIA Amendments to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act Incorporated3 into Fair Lending Handbook
EB 1991-3 04/18/91 SMS Security Outdated1
EB 1990-3 04/04/90 Mexican Debt Restructuring Outdated1
EB 1989-4 04/05/89 Reports on Audited Financial Statements Outdated1

The reason each document is rescinded is noted as one of the following:

1 Outdated - The document is no longer needed. Any attachments to the document are rescinded only as they relate to national banks and FSAs.

2 Replaced - The document and any attachments are superseded by subsequent guidance.

3 Incorporated - The document conveyed interagency guidance that was incorporated into another OCC publication.

4 Transmittal - The document is a cover letter that merely conveyed another document. The rescission does not change the applicability of the conveyed document. To determine the applicability of the conveyed document, please refer to the original issuer of the document.