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1998 Congressional Testimony

10/01/1998Statement of Julie L. Williams Acting Comptroller of the Currency before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services U.S. House of Representatives
Oral Statement | Written Testimony
09/17/1998Acting Comptroller Cites Testing as Critical Phase in Year 2000 Preparation
Oral Statement | Written Testimony
07/28/1998Acting Comptroller Urges Concerted Response on Privacy Issues From Congress, Regulatory Agencies and the Financial Services Industry
Oral Statement | Written Testimony | (Report of the Consumer Electronic Payments Task Force)
07/16/1998Acting Comptroller Williams Supports Allowing Payment of Interest on Business Checking Accounts
Oral Statement | Written Testimony
06/25/1998Comptroller Addresses Y2K Issues in Congressional Testimony
Oral Statement | Written Testimony
03/10/1998Summary of Statement of Eugene A. Ludwig Comptroller of the Currency
Oral Statement | Written Testimony | Appendix
01/12/1998Oral Statement of Eugene A. Ludwig, Comptroller of the Currency Forum on Community Reinvestment and Access to Credit: California's Challenge Los Angeles, CA
Oral Statement | Written Testimony