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1995 News Releases

Publish DateIdentifierTitle
12/28/1995  NR 1995-145, Changes Proposed to Regulation on Management Interlocks
12/27/1995  NR 1995-144, OCC Proposes Amendments to Community Development Regulation
12/21/1995  NR 1995-142, OCC Names New Senior Advisor to the Comptroller
12/21/1995  NR 1995-140, OCC Proposes Changes to Rules for National Bank Investment Securities
12/20/1995  NR 1995-139, OCC Issues Examiner Guidance on Emerging Market Country Products and Trading Activities
12/20/1995  NR 1995-138, Earnings from Bank Trading Activities Continue to Increase in Third Quarter, as Derivative Activities and Risk Exposures Remain Relatively Stable
12/19/1995  NR 1995-137, OCC Releases First Quarter 1996 CRA Examination Schedule
12/13/1995  NR 1995-136, Earnings from Bank Trading Activities Continue to Increase in Third Quarter, as Derivative Activities and Risk Exposures Remain Relatively Stable
12/11/1995  NR 1995-135, OCC Regulatory Review Extends to Insider Lending Regulation
12/06/1995  NR 1995-134, Staff Paper Released on Trading Activities at Commercial Banks
12/05/1995  NR 1995-133, Testimony of Eugene A. Ludwig Before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit of the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services, on the Supervision of Foreign Banks in the U.S.
12/01/1995  NR 1995-132, 1996 National Bank Assessments Reduced by $18 Million
11/28/1995  NR 1995-130, Bank Information Systems Exam Procedures Added to Noncomplex Community Bank Handbook
11/20/1995  NR 1995-129, Remarks by Doug Harris before the Fourth City of London Central Banking
11/16/1995  NR 1995-128, Ludwig Announces Pilot Project for Bank Auditor/Examiner Cooperation
11/16/1995  NR 1995-127, Remarks by Comptroller Ludwig before the OCC Antitrust Conference
11/15/1995  NR 1995-125, Basle Committee Report Shows Improved Public Disclosure of Trading and Derivatives Activities by Banks and Securities Firms
11/09/1995  NR 1995-122, OCC Issues Derivatives Guidance for Bank Examiners on Futures Brokerage
11/08/1995  NR 1995-121, OCC And NASD Announce Settlement of Enforcement Actions Against Employees of Worthen Investments
11/08/1995  NR 1995-120, Survey of Large National Banks Shows Some Relaxation of Lending Standards
11/03/1995  NR 1995-119, OCC Hearing Begins November 6 -- Agency Seeks $300,000 in Fines and Prohibition Orders Against Former Bankers
10/30/1995  NR 1995-117, OCC Sponsors Conference on Antitrust and Banking
10/25/1995  NR 1995-114, OCC Proposes Amendment to Community Development Regulation
10/25/1995  NR 1995-113, OCC Names Leann Britton New Deputy Comptroller for Central District
09/28/1995  NR 1995-105, OCC Issues Interim Policy Guidelines on National Banks' Disclosure of Fair Lending Self Assessment Results
09/26/1995  NR 1995-101, OCC Launches Supervision by Risk' Program
09/25/1995  NR 1995-98, OCC Approves Regulation on Flood Insurance
09/22/1995  NR 1995-97, Comptroller Authorizing National Banks in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to Close because of the Emergency
09/18/1995  NR 1995-95, Comptroller's Office Issues New Exam Procedures for Consumer Compliance
09/13/1995  NR 1995-93, OCC Strengthens Credit Life Insurance Rule
09/08/1995  NR 1995-91, Capital Reduced on Small Business Loans Sold with Recourse
09/07/1995  NR 1995-90, OCC Releases Guide for Transfer Agents at National Banks
09/06/1995  NR 1995-89, OCC Regulatory Review Extends to Leasing
09/01/1995  NR 1995-87, Bank Capital Requirements for Derivatives to Change
08/21/1995  NR 1995-85, 83 Percent of Bankers Surveyed Say New OCC Bank Examinations Reduce Regulatory Burdens
08/09/1995  NR 1995-82, Director for Risk Analysis Division Named
08/04/1995  NR 1995-81, Director for Treasury and Market Risk Named
07/27/1995  NR 1995-79, National Banks Can Now Treat Values of Originated and Purchased Mortgage Service Rights the Same
07/24/1995  NR 1995-75, Comptroller Ludwig Welcomes International Report on the Supervision of Financial Conglomerates
07/17/1995  NR 1995-74, OCC Updates Comptroller's Handbook on Management Information Systems
07/13/1995  NR 1995-73, Remarks by Eugene Ludwig Before the OCC Conference on Foreign Banks in the US
07/07/1995  NR 1995-72, OCC Proposes to Improve Regulation on Real Estate Lending
07/03/1995  NR 1995-70, OCC Sponsors Conference on Foreign Banks in the U.S.
06/29/1995  NR 1995-69, Statement by Comptroller of the Currency Eugene A. Ludwig on House Banking Committee Action
06/28/1995  NR 1995-68, Bank Criminal Referral Reporting Simplified
06/27/1995  NR 1995-67, OCC Proposes Regulation on International Banking
06/27/1995  NR 1995-66, Statement by Eugene A. Ludwig Comptroller of the Currency
06/20/1995  NR 1995-63, Q's & A's Clarify OCC Policy on Interest Rate Risk Management
06/12/1995  NR 1995-60, OCC and SEC Announce Agreement on Joint Examinations
06/12/1995  NR 1995-59, OCC Reissues Classic History Text: The Comptroller and Bank Supervision: A Historical Appraisal
04/19/1995  NR 1995-41, OCC Adopts Final CRA Regulation
04/19/1995  NR 1995-40, Statement by Eugene A. Ludwig Comptroller of the Currency Final Regulation on Community Reinvestment Act
04/17/1995  NR 1995-39, Comptroller's Office Will Ask Bankers for Feedback on Examination Process
04/12/1995  NR 1995-38, Basle Committee Issues Proposal on Market Risk
03/31/1995  NR 1995-36, OCC Names New Southeastern District Administrator
03/31/1995  NR 1995-35, Basle Committee Issues Proposal on Market Risk
03/16/1995  NR 1995-31, Appeals Court Denies Insurance Industry Request for Rehearing in Owensboro National Bank Case
03/02/1995  NR 1995-26, OCC Interpretive Rules Updated, Made Less Burdensome
02/28/1995  NR 1995-25, Ludwig Stresses Supervision as Key to Glass-Steagall Reform
02/28/1995  NR 1995-24, Comptroller's Office Announces New Information Line
02/15/1995  NR 1995-19, Comptroller Announces Streamlined Lending Limit Rules, Spotlights Efforts to Reduce Bank Burdens
02/15/1995  NR 1995-18, New National Bank Lending Limit Rule Reduces Burden, Focuses on Safety and Soundness
02/13/1995  NR 1995-17, OCC Names Western District Deputy Comptroller
02/09/1995  NR 1995-16, OCC Grants National Bank Charter for New Community Development Financial Institution