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2002 News Releases

Publish DateIdentifierTitle
12/20/2002  NR 2002-97, Banks Play Significant Role in Rural Economic Development
12/17/2002  NR 2002-96, Agencies Propose Disciplinary Action Rules for Accountants and Accounting Firms Performing Certain Audit Services
12/17/2002  NR 2002-95, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 37 National Banks
12/13/2002  NR 2002-94, OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
12/13/2002  NR 2002-93, OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Grows $3.1 Trillion
12/11/2002  NR 2002-92, Statement of Douglas Roeder Senior Deputy Comptroller Office of the Comptroller of the Currency before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs of the United States Senate
12/02/2002  NR 2002-91, OCC Issues First Quarter 2003 CRA Examination Schedule
11/21/2002  NR 2002-90, Jennifer Kelly Named Deputy Comptroller For Mid-Size Banks
11/19/2002  NR 2002-89, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 44 National Banks
11/19/2002  NR 2002-88, OCC Announces 18 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
11/05/2002  NR 2002-87, OCC Directory Highlights Bank Community Development Investments
11/05/2002  NR 2002-86, Comptroller Hawke Says Thrift Charter Remains Viable Despite Convergence of Banking and Thrift Industries
10/29/2002  NR 2002-85, OCC Takes Action Against ACE Cash Express, Inc. and Goleta National Bank
10/22/2002  NR 2002-84, Comptroller Hawke Says Reforming the System of Funding Bank Supervision Would Improve Safety and Soundness and Strengthen Dual Banking System
10/21/2002  NR 2002-83, OCC Announces Four Appointments in Bank Supervision
10/16/2002  NR 2002-82, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 36 National Banks
10/16/2002  NR 2002-81, OCC Announces 13 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
10/15/2002  NR 2002-80, Comptroller Explains the Structure of U.S. Bank Supervision
10/08/2002  NR 2002-79, Bank Regulatory Agencies Find Adversely Rated Syndicated Loans Continue to Increase in 2002, but at Slower Rate than Previous Year
10/07/2002  NR 2002-78, Comptroller Addresses Corporate Reform for Banks
09/25/2002  NR 2002-77, OCC Announces District Office Restructuring to Meet Challenges of the Future
09/23/2002  NR 2002-76, Remarks by John D. Hawke, Jr. Comptroller of the Currency Before the Independent Bankers Association of Texas, San Antonio, Texas
09/19/2002  NR 2002-75, Barry Kolatch Named Deputy Comptroller for Economic Research and Policy Development
09/19/2002  NR 2002-74, OCC Updates Guide to Tribal Ownership of a National Bank
09/17/2002  NR 2002-73, OCC Rule on Debt Cancellation Contracts and Debt Suspension Agreements Provides New Consumer Protections and Safety and Soundness Standards
09/17/2002  NR 2002-72, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 35 National Banks
09/17/2002  NR 2002-71, OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
09/05/2002  NR 2002-70, OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Tops $50 Trillion
09/03/2002  NR 2002-69, OCC Issues Fourth Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
08/30/2002  NR 2002-68, Regulators Issue Draft White Paper on Sound Practices to Strengthen the Resilience of the U.S. Financial System
08/29/2002  NR 2002-67, OCC Issues Examiner Handbook on Personal Fiduciary Services
08/20/2002  NR 2002-66, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 26 National Banks
08/19/2002  NR 2002-65, OCC Announces 10 New Enforcement Actions and 4 Terminations
08/08/2002  NR 2002-64, Federal Financial Institution Regulators Extend Comment Period On Draft Credit Card Guidance
08/06/2002  NR 2002-63, Kathy Dick Named Deputy Comptroller for Risk Evaluation
07/30/2002  NR 2002-62, Hispanic Banking Forum Encourages Banks to Reach Growing Hispanic Population in Chicago Region
07/22/2002  NR 2002-61, Federal Financial Institution Regulators Draft Guidance on Credit Card Lending
07/17/2002  NR 2002-60, OCC Unveils New Version of Web-based Manual To Ease Access to Updated Application Requirements
07/17/2002  NR 2002-59, Treasury and Federal Financial Regulators Issue Patriot Act Regulations on Customer Identification
07/17/2002  NR 2002-58, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 17 National Banks
07/16/2002  NR 2002-57, OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions and 3 Terminations
06/27/2002  NR 2002-56, OCC Survey Shows Measured Response By Banks to Slowing Economy
06/24/2002  NR 2002-55, Banking Agencies Issue Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios
06/24/2002  NR 2002-54, OCC Issues Booklet on Insurance Activities
06/21/2002  NR 2002-53, Bill McPherson Named Deputy Comptroller for Large Banks; Michael Brosnan Appointed Examiner-in-Charge
06/14/2002  NR 2002-52, OCC Announces 2 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
06/14/2002  NR 2002-51, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 38 National Banks
06/06/2002  NR 2002-50, Remarks by Mark A. Nishan Chief of Staff Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Before a Bankers Outreach Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota
06/06/2002  NR 2002-49, The Road to Basel II: Good Intentions and Imposing Challenges
06/05/2002  NR 2002-48, OCC Reports Bank Trading Revenues Over $3 Billion
06/05/2002  NR 2002-47, Agencies Amend Rule On Prohibition Against Using Interstate Branches Primarily for Deposit Production
05/30/2002  NR 2002-46, OCC Issues Third Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
05/23/2002  NR 2002-45, OCC Cautions National Banks on "Yield Chasing"
05/16/2002  NR 2002-44, OCC Issues Final Rule on Electronic Banking
05/15/2002  NR 2002-43, OCC Issues Risk Management Guidance for Banks that Use Foreign-Based Third-Party Service Providers
05/15/2002  NR 2002-42, OCC Announces 15 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
05/15/2002  NR 2002-41, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 25 National Banks
05/09/2002  NR 2002-40, Comptroller Welcomes Growing Consensus that Fee Disparity Problem Must Be Fixed
05/08/2002  NR 2002-39, Timothy W. Long Appointed Senior Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size/Community Bank Supervision
04/23/2002  NR 2002-38, Comptroller Hawke Urges Senate to End Inequitable Treatment of National Banks
04/23/2002  NR 2002-37, Agencies Outline Risks of Parallel-Owned Banking Organizations
04/16/2002  NR 2002-36, OCC Announces 12 New Enforcement Actions and 2 Terminations
04/16/2002  NR 2002-35, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 27 National Banks
04/10/2002  NR 2002-34, OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Underscores Major Increase in the Beneficial Relationships Between Banks and CDCs
04/09/2002  NR 2002-33, Agencies Issue Final Rule Lowering Risk Weighting For Claims On Securities Firms
04/08/2002  NR 2002-32, Comptroller Outlines the Benefits of Financial Literacy Programs
03/25/2002  NR 2002-31, Comptroller Hawke Says Independence of Bank Regulators Helped Industry Remain Strong to Support Economic Recovery
03/22/2002  NR 2002-30, OCC Chief Counsel Julie L. Williams Urges Banks to be Vigilant In Avoiding Unfair and Deceptive Marketing Practices
03/19/2002  NR 2002-29, Interagency Statement Regarding Arthur Andersen LLP
03/19/2002  NR 2002-28, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 29 National Banks
03/19/2002  NR 2002-27, OCC Announces 11 New Enforcement Actions and 1 Termination
03/18/2002  NR 2002-26, OCC Files Notice of Charges Against People's National Bank of Paris, Texas
03/18/2002  NR 2002-25, OCC Concludes that GLBA and Barnett Decision Show Parts of Massachusetts Law do not Apply to National Banks
03/18/2002  NR 2002-24, Comptroller Urges Industry to Adapt Technology To Give Low-Income Americans Greater Access to Banking Services
03/14/2002  NR 2002-23, OCC Supports Legislative Efforts to Reduce Unnecessary Regulatory Burden
03/11/2002  NR 2002-22, Regulators Issue Common Form for Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Applications
03/11/2002  NR 2002-21, Interagency Loan Data Request to Improve the Bank Examination Process
03/07/2002  NR 2002-20, Comptroller Hawke Says Industry Still Faces Challenges, But Emerged from Difficulties of 2001 in Good Condition
03/07/2002  NR 2002-19, OCC Reports Derivatives Volume Falls Below $50 Trillion
03/06/2002  NR 2002-18, OCC and ABA Cosponsor Community and Economic Development Conference
03/04/2002  NR 2002-17, Comptroller Hawke Says Good Progress is Being Made on Capital Accord, Although Many Thorny Issues Remain to be Worked Out by Basel Committee
03/04/2002  NR 2002-16, OCC Reduces Regulatory Burden for Well-Managed Federal Branches
03/01/2002  NR 2002-15, OCC Closes Net First National Bank and Appoints FDIC Receiver
02/28/2002  NR 2002-14, OCC Issues Second Quarter 2002 CRA Examination Schedule
02/22/2002  NR 2002-13, Jacquelyn Fletcher Appointed Chief Information Officer at the OCC
02/19/2002  NR 2002-12, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 24 National Banks
02/14/2002  NR 2002-11, OCC Announces 20 New Enforcement Actions and 5 Terminations
02/12/2002  NR 2002-10, Comptroller Calls Preemption a Major Advantage of National Bank Charter
02/07/2002  NR 2002-9, OCC Closes NextBank and Appoints FDIC Receiver
02/06/2002  NR 2002-8, Agencies Publish "Privacy Choices for Your Personal Financial Information"
01/18/2002  NR 2002-7, OCC and People's Bank of China Assess Money Penalties Against Bank of China
01/15/2002  NR 2002-6, OCC Announces 14 New Enforcement Actions
01/15/2002  NR 2002-5, OCC Releases CRA Evaluations For 28 National Banks
01/11/2002  NR 2002-4, Hamilton Bank, N.A. Closed by the OCC and FDIC Appointed Receiver
01/08/2002  NR 2002-3, Agencies Adopt Final Rules Concerning the Regulatory Capital Treatment of Nonfinancial Equity Investments
01/08/2002  NR 2002-2, OCC Issues Examiner Handbook on Custody Services
01/03/2002  NR 2002-1, OCC Orders Eagle to Cease Payday Lending Program