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1997 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/30/1997  OTS 97-91,OTS Issues Fiduciary Activities Regulation
12/15/1997  OTS 97-90,OTS Names Jack Ryan to Head Supervision on Acting Basic
12/11/1997  OTS 97-89,OTS Releases August Enforcement Statistics
12/04/1997  OTS 97-87,OTS Updates Thrift Applications Rules
12/03/1997  OTS 97-86,Nations Thrift Industry Earns $1.3 Billion in Third Quarter
12/01/1997  OTS 97-85,News Advisory, Industry's 3rd Quarter Financial Data to be Announced on Wednesday, December 3rd
11/26/1997  OTS 97-84,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 1st Quarter 1998
11/24/1997  OTS 97-82,Lower Thrift Liquidity Minimums Adopted by OTS
11/24/1997  OTS 97-83,OTS Approves Travelers Group for Federal Thrift Charter
11/17/1997  OTS 97-81,John Downey Announces Retirement; Ends 30 Years as Banking Regulator
11/14/1997  OTS 97-80,OTS Gives Principle Approval to Create Thrift Institution
10/28/1997  OTS 97-78,Ellen Seidman Takes Post as OTS Director
10/27/1997  OTS 97-77,Unrealized Gains Proposed for Inclusion in Tier 2 Capital
10/27/1997  OTS 97-76,Standard Risk Capital Rules Proposed for Thrifts and Banks
10/24/1997  OTS 97-75,OTS Finalizes Reduced Capital Requirement for Small Business Loans Sold with Recourse
10/21/1997  OTS 97-74,OTS Streamlines Thrifts' Deposit-Taking Rules
10/21/1997  OTS 97-73,Note to Editors
10/14/1997  OTS 97-72,Deardorff Takes Charge of OTS West Region
10/08/1997  OTS 97-71,Note to Editors
10/07/1997  OTS 97-70,Durbin Named to Direct Supervision Technology
10/03/1997  OTS 97-69,OTS Releases July Enforcement Statistics
10/01/1997  OTS 97-67,OTS Updates Guidance, Training in Concert with E-Banking Proposals
10/01/1997  OTS 97-66,OTS Plan Would Expedite Thrifts Use of Electronic Technologies
09/18/1997  OTS 97-65,OTS Plans Seminars for Thrifts on Small Business Lending
09/11/1997  OTS 97-64,OTS Releases June Enforcement Statistics
09/05/1997  OTS 97-63,Agencies Propose Standard Capital Treatment for Securitizations
09/03/1997  OTS 97-61,Nation's Thrift Industry Earns $1.7 Billion in Second Quarter
08/29/1997  OTS 97-59,News Advisory
08/29/1997  OTS 97-60,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 4th Quarter 1997
08/28/1997  OTS 97-58,OTS Begins Implementing Electronic-Based Exams
08/26/1997  OTS 97-57,OTS Adopts Final Rule Simplifying Conversions
08/20/1997  OTS 97-56,What Do Highly Profitable Thrifts Do? OTS Finds They Do Traditional Mortgages
08/13/1997  OTS 97-55,OTS Statement on AlBank Redlining Settlement
08/08/1997  OTS 97-54,OTS Issues Standard Policy On Thrifts' Disaster Response
08/07/1997  OTS 97-53,FDIC, OTS Team Up to Provide Branch Data on the Internet
08/01/1997  OTS 97-51,OTS Releases May Enforcement Statistics
07/30/1997  OTS 97-50,Thrift Industry Making Progress in Meeting Year 2000 Challenge
07/26/1997  OTS 97-49,Thrifts' Historical Information Published In New OTS Fact Book
07/23/1997  OTS 97-48,OTS to Give Thrifts New Software to Upgrade Electronic Reporting
07/22/1997  OTS 97-47,Higher Cap Proposed on Mortgage Servicing Assets Included in Capital
07/22/1997  OTS 97-46,OTS Proposes to Update Fiduciary Activities Rule
07/17/1997  OTS 97-45,H.R. 10 Grand fathering Provisions Raise Concerns Says OTS Director
07/14/1997  OTS 97-44,OTS Approves Internet Bank to Provide Range of Services
07/02/1997  OTS 97-42,OTS Releases April Enforcement Statistics
06/27/1997  OTS 97-41,Seven Regulatory Fellows Named by OTS; From Varied Backgrounds
06/24/1997  OTS 97-40,New Orleans Accounting Firm Consents to $300,000 Restitution
06/23/1997  OTS 97-39,OTS Issues Guidance to Thrifts on Retail On-Line PC Banking
06/05/1997  OTS 97-37,OTS Proposes Three-Tier Mutual Holding Company
06/04/1997  OTS 97-36,Nations Thrift Industry Earns $1.7 Billion In First Quarter
06/03/1997  OTS 97-35,OTS Names Deardorff to Head West Region on Acting Basis
06/02/1997  OTS 97-34,News Advisory
05/30/1997  OTS 97-33,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 3rd Quarter 1997
05/22/1997  OTS 97-32,Government Should Ensure Banking Has Powers and Tools to Compete
05/19/1997  OTS 97-31,OTS Simplifies Its Regulation Governing New Thrift Charters
05/14/1997  OTS 97-30,Thrifts Cut Loan Losses 50 Percent Over 6 Years
05/14/1997  OTS 97-29,Lower Thrift Liquidity Minimums Proposed by OTS
05/07/1997  OTS 97-28,OTS Releases March Enforcement Statistics
04/23/1997  OTS 97-26,Sahai Group Members Consent to OTS Orders and Civil Money Penalties
04/11/1997  OTS 97-25,Former President of New Mexico Thrift Consents to Prohibition Restitution
04/09/1997  OTS 97-24,OTS Proposes Simplified Conversion to a Federal Mutual Thrift
04/09/1997  OTS 97-23,OTS Releases February Enforcement Statistics
04/09/1997  OTS 97-22,OTS Plans to Update Applications Rules
04/03/1997  OTS 97-21,OTS Updates Credit Card and Small Business Lending Rule
03/31/1997  OTS 97-19,Deposit Rules Streamlining Proposed
03/31/1997  OTS 97-18,Electronic Banking Proposed Rulemaking
03/20/1997  OTS 97-17,Paul Clayton, New Orleans, Prohibited
03/06/1997  OTS 97-15,4th Quarter 1996 Industry Earnings
02/28/1997  OTS 97-14,1st Quarter 1997 CRA Examination Schedule
02/27/1997  OTS 97-13,January 1997 Enforcement Statistics
02/18/1997  OTS 97-12,December 1996 Enforcement Statistics
02/13/1997  OTS 97-11,Financial Modernization (Testimony)
02/11/1997  OTS 97-10,Exam Cycle Expanded for Healthy Thrifts
02/03/1997  OTS 97-08,November 1996 Enforcement Statistics
01/24/1997  OTS 97-07,Two OTS Teams Win Hammer Award
01/17/1997  OTS 97-06,Fellows Program Announced by OTS
01/15/1997  OTS 97-05,Thrift Industry Hits Milestone
01/13/1997  OTS 97-04,October 1996 Enforcement Statistics
01/13/1997  OTS 97-03,OTS Appoints Kevin Petrasic to Head Congressional Affairs
01/08/1997  OTS 97-02,OTS Statement on Leach Proposal