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2004 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/24/2004  OTS 04-55,OTS Announces Resolution of Charges Against Auditor of Closed Superior Bank FSB
12/22/2004  OTS 04-54,OTS Named EU Coordinating Supervisor of GE
12/22/2004  OTS 04-53,OTS Postpones Implementation of Schedule RED
12/21/2004  OTS 04-52,Agencies Announce Final Rules on Disposal of Consumer Information
12/16/2004  OTS 04-51,Agencies Propose Data Collection Changes for Shared National Credits
12/15/2004  OTS 04-50,OTS Lists 31 CRA Exams Scheduled for First Quarter 2005
11/19/2004  OTS 04-49,OTS Announces Two New Burden Reduction Initiatives: Final EGRPRA Rule and CRA Streamlining Proposal
11/17/2004  OTS 04-48,Thrift Industry Maintains Earnings and Profitability for Third Quarter
11/03/2004  OTS 04-47,Banking Agencies Finalized Basel II Survey Documents
10/27/2004  OTS 04-46,Comments Requested on Proposed Retail Credit Risk Guidance
10/21/2004  OTS 04-45,Federal Financial Institution Regulatory Agencies Issue Guidance on Free and Open Source Software
10/14/2004  OTS 04-44,Federal Bank, Thrift, and Credit Union Agencies Provide Consumer Information on Avoiding Overdraft and Bounced-Check Fees
10/13/2004  OTS 04-43,Check Clearing for the 21st Century Compliance InfoBase Released by Federal Financial Institution Regulators
10/04/2004  OTS 04-42,OTS Signs International Information Sharing Agreement
09/29/2004  OTS 04-41,OTS Announces $1 Million Civil Money Penalty And Prohibition Order Against Former Savings Bank President
09/15/2004  OTS 04-40,OTS Encourages Thrifts in Path of Hurricane Ivan to use Prudence in Protecting Employees while Assisting Customers in Need
09/15/2004  OTS 04-39,Data Show Major Improvement in Credit Quality, Decreasing Volume of Loan Commitments
09/10/2004  OTS 04-38,OTS Lists 35 CRA Exams Scheduled for Fourth Quarter 2004
09/08/2004  OTS 04-37,Federal Bank, Thrift and Credit Union Regulatory Agencies Provide Brochure with Information on Internet "Phishing"
08/26/2004  OTS 04-36,Guidance on Operations and Wholesale Payment Systems Released by Federal Financial Institution Regulators
08/18/2004  OTS 04-35,Mike Finn Named OTS West Region Director
08/18/2004  OTS 04-34,Thrift Industry Healthy in Second Quarter
08/18/2004  OTS 04-33,OTS to Propose Additional CRA Measures to Assist Natural Disaster Areas and Underserved Rural Communities
08/16/2004  OTS 04-32,OTS Encourages Thrifts in Areas Affected by Hurricane Charley to Assist Customers in Need
08/12/2004  OTS 04-31,OTS Finalizes CRA Rule
08/12/2004  OTS 04-30,Federal Agencies File Amicus Brief on California "SB1" Case
07/28/2004  OTS 04-29,Agencies Issue Bank Secrecy Act Examination Procedures Relating to Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act
07/23/2004  OTS 04-28,Guidance on Information Technology Management and Outsourcing Technology Services Released by Federal Financial Institution Regulators
07/20/2004  OTS 04-27,Agencies Issue Final Rule on Capital Requirements for Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Programs
07/16/2004  OTS 04-26,OTS to Modify CRA Small Institution Benchmark
07/02/2004  OTS 04-25,Agencies Issue Proposed Rule on Affiliate Marketing Opt Outs
06/26/2004  OTS 04-24,Banking Agencies Announce Publication of Revised Capital Framework and Describe U.S. Implementation Efforts
06/23/2004  OTS 04-23,FFIEC Announces Formation of Interagency Working Group on Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering
06/18/2004  OTS 04-22,Agencies Extend Comment Period on Statement Concerning Complex Structured Finance Activities
06/10/2004  OTS 04-21,OTS Updates Appeals Process for Supervisory Decisions
06/09/2004  OTS 04-20,OTS Statement on National Day of Remembrance for Former President Ronald Reagan
06/08/2004  OTS 04-19,Proper Disposal of Consumer Information Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003
06/08/2004  OTS 04-18,OTS Lists 113 CRA Exams Scheduled for Third Quarter 2004
05/28/2004  OTS 04-17,Agencies Issue Proposed Guidance on Overdraft Protection Programs
05/27/2004  OTS 04-16,Guidance on Development and Acquisition of Information Systems Released by Federal Financial Institution Regulators
05/27/2004  OTS 04-15,OTS Issues Final Rule on Holding Company Assessments
05/25/2004  OTS 04-14,Thrift Profitability Remains Strong in First Quarter
05/14/2004  OTS 04-13,Agencies Request Comment on Statement Concerning Complex Structured Finance Activities
04/23/2004  OTS 04-12,Agencies Issue Proposed Rule on Use of Medical Information for Credit Eligibility
04/20/2004  OTS 04-11,OTS Chief Counsel Carolyn Buck Announces Retirement; John Bowman Named as Successor
04/13/2004  OTS 04-10,Agencias Federales Publican Versión en Español del Folleto Para Consumidores Sobre Préstamos Depredadores
04/13/2004  OTS 04-09,Federal Agencies Publish Spanish-Language Version of Consumer Brochure on Predatory Lending
04/05/2004  OTS 04-08,OTS Proposes New Form for Collecting Risk Exposure Data
03/31/2004  OTS 04-07,Retail Payment Systems Guidance Released by Federal Financial Institution Regulators
03/08/2004  OTS 04-06,OTS Lists 66 CRA Exams Scheduled for Second Quarter 2004
02/18/2004  OTS 04-05,OTS Announces Notice of Charges Against Former President of Closed Dollar Savings Bank
02/18/2004  OTS 04-04,Thrifts Earnings and Profitability at Record Levels for 2003
02/14/2004  OTS 04-03,OTS Closes Dollars Savings Bank, Newark, New Jersey
02/06/2004  OTS 04-02,Bank and Thrift Agencies Publish Proposed Rulemaking Regarding the Community Reinvestment Act
01/05/2004  OTS 04-01,Policy Statement Issued on Financial Institutions Providing Financial Support to Advised Investment Funds