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2005 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/20/2005  OTS 05-50, Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Propose Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products
12/19/2005  OTS 05-49, Office of Thrift Supervision and Operation HOPE Highlight CRA Credit to Emphasize Volunteerism & Support for Disaster Relief in the Financial Industry
12/14/2005  OTS 05-48, Federal Bank and Thrift Regulatory Agencies Publish Guide to Help Financial Institutions Comply with Information Security Guidelines
12/13/2005  OTS 05-47, Press Conference on Project Restore Hope
12/02/2005  OTS 05-46, CRA Lists 33 CRA Exams Scheduled for First Quarter 2006
11/30/2005  OTS 05-45, OTS Director Reich In New Orleans
11/30/2005  OTS 05-44, Agencies Encourage Insured Depository Institutions to Continue Efforts to Meet the Financial Needs of Customers Recovering from the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
11/21/2005  OTS 05-43, Thrifts Maintain Healthy Performance in Third Quarter
11/18/2005  OTS 05-42, OTS Director Reich Addresses Alternative Mortgage Products
11/17/2005  OTS 05-41, Agencies Issue Final Rules on Post-Employment Restrictions for Senior Examiners
11/17/2005  OTS 05-40, Agencies Finalize FACT Act Rules on Medical Information
11/08/2005  OTS 05-39, Scott M. Polakoff Named Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of OTS
10/20/2005  OTS 05-38, Federal Banking Agencies Request Comment on Suggested Domestic Risk-Based Capital Modifications
10/13/2005  OTS 05-37, FFIEC Releases Guidance on Authentication in Internet Banking Environment
10/13/2005  OTS 05-36, FFIEC Agencies Announce Additional Guidance for Financial Institutions in Response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
09/30/2005  OTS 05-35, Banking Agencies Announce Revised Plan for Implementation of Basel II Framework
09/19/2005  OTS 05-34, FFIEC Forms Working Group to Address Financial Industry Issues After Hurricane Katrina
09/19/2005  OTS 05-33, Data Show Continued Improvement in Credit Quality, Slight Increase in Credit Commitment Volume
09/13/2005  OTS 05-32, Agencies Announce Availability of 2004 HMDA Data
09/08/2005  OTS 05-31, OTS Lists 43 CRA Exams Scheduled for Fourth Quarter 2005
09/02/2005  OTS 05-30, Joint Release from Federal Reserve System, State Bank Supervisors, FDIC, NCUA, OCC, OTS - "Agencies Encourage Insured Depository Institutions to Assist Displaced Customers"
08/31/2005  OTS 05-29, OTS Announces Final Regulatory Burden Reduction Rule
08/29/2005  OTS 05-28, OTS Encourages Thrifts to Assist Customers in Areas Affected by Hurricane Katrina
08/19/2005  OTS 05-27, Thrift Industry Continues Strong Performance In Second Quarter
08/09/2005  OTS 05-26, John M. Reich Sworn In as Director of Office of Thrift Supervision
08/08/2005  OTS 05-25, Registration for Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Interagency Outreach Event Webcast
08/04/2005  OTS 05-24, Agencies Propose Rules on Post-Employment Restrictions for Senior Examiners
07/18/2005  OTS 05-23, Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Interagency Outreach Events
07/06/2005  OTS 05-22, OTS Lists 36 CRA Exams Scheduled for Third Quarter 2005
06/30/2005  OTS 05-21, Agencies Release Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual
06/06/2005  OTS 05-20, Agencies Issue FACT Act Interim Final Rules on Medical Information
05/18/2005  OTS 05-19, Thrift Industry Maintains Strong Earnings and Capital in First Quarter 2005
05/16/2005  OTS 05-18, Agencies Issue Credit Risk Management Guidance For Home Equity Lending
05/10/2005  OTS 05-17, Comments Requested on Proposed Advisory on the Limitation of Liability Provisions in Audit Engagement Letters
04/29/2005  OTS 05-16, Banking Agencies to Perform Additional Analysis Before Issuing Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Basel II
04/29/2005  OTS 05-15, Richard M. Riccobono to Serve as OTS Acting Director
04/27/2005  OTS 05-14, Guidance and Advisory Issued on Banking Services for Money Services Businesses Operating in the United States
04/18/2005  OTS 05-13, Director Gilleran to Leave OTS
04/01/2005  OTS 05-12, Agencies Announce Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About New HMDA Data
03/28/2005  OTS 05-11, Comments Requested on Proposed Classification of Commercial Credit Exposures
03/23/2005  OTS 05-10, Federal Bank Regulatory Agencies Jointly Issue Interagency Guidance on Response Programs for Security Breaches
03/22/2005  OTS 05-09, OTS Lists 43 CRA Exams Scheduled for Second Quarter 2005
02/28/2005  OTS 05-08, OTS Issues Consolidated Holding Company Processing Rules
02/28/2005  OTS 05-07, OTS Announces Final CRA Rule
02/28/2005  OTS 05-06, Federal Banking Agencies Issue Advisory on Confidentiality of Supervisory Ratings
02/28/2005  OTS 05-05, OTS Issues Cease and Desist Order and Civil Money Penalty Against Chicago Title Insurance Company
02/16/2005  OTS 05-04, Thrift Industry Maintains Strong Earnings and Capital for 2004
02/14/2005  OTS 05-03, OTS Announces Issuance of Final Guidance on Thrift Overdraft Protection Programs
02/11/2005  OTS 05-02, Agencies Extend Comment Period on Proposed Data Collection Changes for Shared National Credits
01/27/2005  OTS 05-01, Joint Release - Agencies Issue Statement on Implementation of Basel II Framework