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2006 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/26/2006  OTS 06-063,Federal Reserve Board and Office of Thrift Supervision Issue Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
12/22/2006  OTS 06-062,OTS Announces Publication of Basel IA Proposal Addressing Domestic Risk-Based Capital Modifications
12/21/2006  OTS 06-061,Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Revised To Support Joint Filing and Reduce Duplicate SARs
12/15/2006  OTS 06-060,OTS Lists 64 CRA Exams Scheduled for First Quarter 2007
12/15/2006  OTS 06-059,OTS Appoints William Henley as Director of IT Risk Management
12/14/2006  OTS-06-058,Agencies Announces Interim Decision on Impact of FAS 158 on Regulatory Capital
12/13/2006  OTS 06-057,Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Issue Interagency Policy Statement on the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses and Frequently Asked Questions
12/11/2006  OTS 06-056,OTS Hosts National Forum to Address Housing Issues
12/06/2006  OTS 06-055,OTS Issues Guidance on Concentration in Commercial Real Estate Lending
11/24/2006  OTS 06-054,OTS Publishes CRA Proposal
11/20/2006  OTS 06-053,Media Advisory: OTS to Host National Housing Forum
11/16/2006  OTS 06-052,OTS Director Reich Outlines Opportunities, Challenges in Global Retail Lending
11/15/2006  OTS 06-051,Stable Thrift Industry Performance Continues in Third Quarter
11/06/2006  OTS 06-050,OTS Introduces Enhanced NPV Model for Monitoring Interest Rate Risk
10/18/2006  OTS 06-049,Agencies Provide Consumer Information on Nontraditional Mortgage Loans
10/13/2006  OTS 06-048,OTS Appoints Wayne Leiss as Chief Information Officer
10/02/2006  OTS 06-047,OTS Director Reich Commends Congress on Passage of Regulatory Relief Legislation
09/29/2006  OTS 06-046,Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Issue Final Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products Risks
09/27/2006  OTS 06-045,OTS Announces Proposal To Align CRA Regulation With Other Federal Banking Agencies
09/26/2006  OTS 06-044,Revised Shared National Credit Data
09/25/2006  OTS 06-043,Shared National Credit Data Reflect Good Credit Quality Performance, Large Increase in Credit Commitment Volume, and Small Rise in Riskier Deals
09/22/2006  OTS 06-042,OTS Director Reich Stresses Vigilance in Combating Mortgage Fraud
09/15/2006  OTS 06-041,OTS Lists 52 CRA Exams Scheduled For Fourth Quarter 2006
09/08/2006  OTS 06-040,OTS Named EU Coordinating Supervisor of Ameriprise Financial Group Unit Threadneedle Group
09/08/2006  OTS 06-039,FFIEC Releases 2005 HMDA Data
09/05/2006  OTS 06-038,Agencies Seek Public Comment on Basel II and Market Risk Proposed Rulemakings
08/23/2006  OTS 06-037,Thrift Industry Performance Remains Strong in Second Quarter
08/15/2006  OTS 06-036,FFIEC Release Frequently Asked Questions on Guidance Entitled Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment
08/09/2006  OTS 06-035,OTS Appoints Richard Gaffin As Senior Advisor For International Operations
07/28/2006  OTS 06-034,Agencies Release Revised Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual
07/27/2006  OTS 06-033,Federal Financial Regulators Release Updated Information Security Booklet
07/25/2006  OTS 06-032,Federal Financial Institution Regulators Announce Availability of 2005 Small Business, Small Farm, and Community Development Lending Data
07/18/2006  OTS 06-031,Agencies Propose Rules on Identity Theft Red Flags and Notices of Address Discrepancy
07/12/2006  OTS 06-030,OTS Announces Industry-Wide Conference Call on Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: "BSA/AML - Getting it Right"
06/30/2006  OTS 06-029,OTS Announces Appointment of Bernie Mason as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director
06/15/2006  OTS 06-028,Agencies Issue LESSONS LEARNED FROM HURRICANE KATRINA: Preparing Your Institution for a Catastrophic Event
06/12/2006  OTS 06-027,OTS Expands Examinations and Consumer Protection Management Team
06/05/2006  OTS 06-026,OTS Lists 50 CRA Exams Scheduled For Third Quarter 2006
06/01/2006  OTS 06-025,Agencies Release List of Distressed or Underserved Nonmetropolitan Middle-Income Geographies
05/26/2006  OTS 06-024,OTS Director Reich Commends Senate on Passage of Regulatory Relief Legislation
05/19/2006  OTS 06-023,Thrift Industry Performance Remains Strong in First Quarter
05/09/2006  OTS 06-022,Agencies Request Comment on Revised Statement Concerning Elevated Risk Complex Structured Finance Activities
05/04/2006  OTS 06-021,OTS Director Reich Commends Senate Banking Committee Regulatory Burden Relief Efforts
04/26/2006  OTS 06-020,FinCEN and OTS Issue Bank Secrecy Act Enforcement Orders Against BankAtlantic
04/12/2006  OTS 06-019,OTS Revises CRA Definition of Community Development; Updates CRA Questions and Answers Guidance
04/06/2006  OTS 06-018,OTS Sounds Warning on Credit Quality
04/03/2006  OTS 06-017,Agencies Announce Updated Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About HMDA Price Data
03/31/2006  OTS 06-016,Report Issued on Improving Financial Privacy Notices for Consumers
03/23/2006  OTS 06-015,OTS Promotes Customer Education Program on Identity Theft
03/22/2006  OTS 06-014,Agencies Seek Public Comment on Issues Related to the Accuracy of Consumer Credit Reports and the Reinvestigation of Disputes
03/15/2006  OTS 06-013,OTS Approves H&R Block, Inc. Application to Organize a Federal Savings Bank
03/15/2006  OTS 06-012,Bank and Thrift Agencies Issue Advisory on Influenza Pandemic Preparedness
03/09/2006  OTS 06-011,Agencies Extend Comment Period on Interagency Guidance On Concentrations in Commercial Real Estate Lending
03/07/2006  OTS 06-010,OTS Finds Local Lending Law Preempted for Federal Savings Associations
03/06/2006  OTS 06-009,CRA Lists 32 CRA Exams for Second Quarter 2006
03/01/2006  OTS 06-008,Director Reich Urges Congress to Move Forward on Regulatory Burden Relief
02/24/2006  OTS 06-007,Federal Regulators Release Summary Findings of the Fourth Quantitative Impact Study
02/17/2006  OTS 06-006,Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Extend Comment Period on Nontraditional Mortgage Products
02/15/2006  OTS 06-005,Thrifts Post Strong Results in 2005
02/03/2006  OTS 06-004,Federal Bank and Thrift Supervisors Announce Banking Forum in New Orleans
02/03/2006  OTS 06-003,Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Issue Interagency Advisory On External Auditor Limitation of Liability Provisions
01/13/2006  OTS 06-002,Federal Financial Regulators Announce Public Service Campaign to Help Hurricane Victims
01/10/2006  OTS 06-001,Federal Bank and Thrift Agencies Proposed Guidance on Commercial Real Estate Lending