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Community Developments Archive

Road to Recovery: Banks Can Use Recovery Act to Help Pave the Way (PDF) (Spring 2010) describes how banks and their local partners can help promote economic growth through programs authorized in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and subsequent legislation. The newsletter provides a snapshot of various Recovery Act programs designed to encourage lending, investments and community development services activities and outlines how such activities might help a bank's Community Reinvestment Act performance.

Neighborhood Stabilization: Local Partnerships Are Rebuilding Communities (PDF) (Fall 2009)

Cultivating Community-based Financial Literacy Initiatives (PDF) (Spring 2009)
Highlights roles that banks can play in promoting financial stability through local partnership efforts. Its articles describe four programs that help banks and their community partners reach out to consumers to encourage better money management through savings and checking products.

Multibank CDCs: Pooling Resources to Strengthen Communities (PDF) (Fall 2008)
Focuses on the multibank community development corporation and features guidance for establishing one.

Gulf Coast Redevelopment: Pathways to Recovery (PDF) (Fall 2008)

Preservation of Affordable Multifamily Housing (PDF) (Spring 2008)

Community Development Venture Capital: A Catalyst for Double-Bottom Line Results (PDF) (Spring 2007)

Minority-Owned Banks: Making a Difference in Their Communities (PDF) (Winter 2006-2007)

2005 CRA Revisions: How Banks and Examiners Are Implementing the New Rules (PDF) (Summer 2006)

Investing in Low-Income Housing Tax Credits: A Sound Opportunity for Community Banks (PDF) (Spring 2006)

Homeownership: Preserving the American Dream (PDF) (Spring 2006)

Investment Intermediaries: Helping Banks Achieve a Double Bottom Line (PDF) (Summer 2005)

Using the New HMDA Data to Expand Home Mortgage Lending Opportunities (PDF) (Summer 2005)

Growing Markets with Bank-Owned Community Development Corporations (PDF) (Winter 2004/2005)

The Power of Plastic: How Banks are Using Technology to Reach the Unbanked (PDF) (Fall 2004)

New Markets Tax Credits: Bridging Financing Gaps (PDF) (Summer 2004)

Strengthening America: The Small Business Advantage (PDF) (Winter 2003)

A Place to Call Home: Financing Housing in Rural America (PDF) (Spring 2003)

Shaping the Future of Rural America: Banks and Economic Development (PDF) (Community Developments, Fall 2002)

Online article:

Community Development Financial Institutions and CD Banks: Natural Partners for Traditional Lenders (PDF) (Summer 2002)

Online articles:

Banking in Indian Country: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF) (Fall 2001)

Online articles:

Growing Diverse Banking Markets (PDF) (Summer 2001)

Online articles:

Focus on Part 24 Community Development Investments (PDF) (Winter 2000-2001)

Focus on Retail Financial Services to Underserved Communities (PDF) (Fall 2000)

Focus on Affordable Multifamily Housing (PDF) (Spring 2000)

Focus on Small Business (PDF) (Fall 1999)