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OCC Guidance and Resources

A Guide to Tribal Ownership of a National Bank (PDF)
A companion to the OCC’s Licensing Manuals, this guide is designed to help federally recognized Native American tribes explore entry into the national banking system by establishing or acquiring control of a national bank.

Commercial Lending in Indian Country: Potential Opportunities in an Untapped Market (PDF)
This OCC Insights Report discusses the specific approaches that bankers active in this market have used to accommodate some of the business and legal challenges unique to Indian Country, including the use of several federal programs available to manage the risks in tribal commercial and business development.  

Extending Credit In Indian Country: How Banks Use Federal Programs to Promote Economic Development 
This issue of Community Developments Investments examines the availability of capital in Indian Country and the opportunities for banks interested in doing business there. While doing business on sovereign Indian lands may present some challenges, there are incentives that make investing and lending in Indian Country a profitable proposition.

Housing Financing in Indian Country: Spotlight on HUD's Title VI Program
This Community Developments Investments spotlights the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Title VI Loan Guarantee Program, which provides an additional source of funding for Indian tribes receiving federal Indian Housing Block Grants for affordable housing activities.

HUD Title VI Loan Guarantee Program
This fact sheet describes a loan guarantee program designed to support affordable housing in Indian Country. The Title VI loan guarantee assists Indian Housing Block Grant recipients who want to obtain loans for buying or constructing affordable housing but are unable to secure financing, or are offered financing that is too expensive, without the assistance of a federal guarantee.

Indian Loan Guarantee Program
This fact sheet describes the U.S. Department of the Interior’s loan guaranty program, which is designed to help Native American-owned businesses access capital by providing their lenders with a federal loan guaranty. The program is open to federally- recognized American Indian tribes or Alaska Native groups, individually enrolled members of such tribes or groups, or a business organization with no less than 51 percent ownership by American Indians or Alaska Natives.

Minority Bankers Resource Page
This OCC resource page provides up-to-date information relevant to minority bankers and their customers, list of minority banks, and other useful references.

Rural Housing Finance Programs 
This OCC fact sheet details the USDA private market financing programs to help low- and moderate-income rural residents obtain safe and affordable housing. 

Rural Economic Development Resource Directory
This directory provides descriptions and contact information for a number of organizations and Web sites that can provide resources to banks interested in lending, investing, or providing retail financial services in rural communities.

Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program 
This OCC fact sheet describes the HUD Section 184 program, which is a home mortgage federal loan guarantee for enrolled members of federally recognized tribes or for Tribally Designated Housing Entities.