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Market Risk Analysis Division

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The Market Risk Analysis Division advises and works with national bank examiners and advise OCC senior management on modeling and analytical issues related to capital market activities of large national banks including derivatives trading, asset liability management, market and counter party risk management, asset management and stress testing. Market RAD also conducts research in those areas and delivers expert analysis of policy issues related to these capital market activities.

Market RAD Staff

Xiaolong Yang
Deputy Director
Sun, Junjie

Krebbs, Qingqing
Covindassamy, Genevre
Duong, Diep
Glynn, Alexandra
Huang, Hai
Jang, Inwon
Park, Sunjin
Refayet, Ehraz
Reisz, Alexander
Szemely, Bela
Tam, Yu Man
Zhang, Simpson
Zhang, Xiaofei