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RSS Feeds: OCC News and Information

Frequently Asked Questions about RSS

What is RSS?

RSS or Rich Site Syndication (also "Really Simple Syndication") feeds are free content feeds from websites that contain headlines, summaries and links to the full page on the Website.

How do I use RSS?

Special news readers, called "news aggregators" or "RSS Readers" are required for you to use RSS feeds. We do not endorse a particular reader. You can locate RSS readers via Web search engines such as Google or Yahoo. There are also several reviews of the various news aggregators available.

Why use RSS?

RSS is an easy way to gather a wide variety of content in one place on your computer. Rather than having to visit many websites to find out if there is new content, the RSS aggregator shows it all to you in one screen. Many RSS readers also "alert" you when new content from your favorite Website is delivered. RSS also has the potential for replacing email lists.

OCC offers several email lists that users can subscribe to and receive new content via email (See OCC Email Updates). But subscribing to email lists can result in a clogged inbox in your email application. And you have to separate the subscribed email from other email. Subscribing to our RSS feeds can eliminate that email entirely. However, subscribing to the RSS feeds (you subscribe using the tools in your chosen RSS reader) does not unsubscribe you from the email lists, you must manually unsubscribe, if desired. You can maintain subscriptions to both services simultaneously.

What RSS feeds does the OCC offer?

The OCC offers five RSS feeds, as follows:

  • OCC Alerts: Provides urgent communications about the safety and soundness of the national banking system, including warnings about fraudulent activity relating to national banks.
  • OCC Bulletins: Provides information about regulatory policy changes and rulemaking that affect the national banking system.
  • OCC News Releases: Provides information about policies, issues, programs, and services affecting national banks and consumers.
  • OCC Public Service Podcasts: Contains public service messages on credit cards, mortgages, scams, and other information that is useful to consumers.
  • OCC SuperVisions: Contains articles for employees and alumni about OCC policies and programs affecting them.

Click on the links above to subscribe to one of more of these feeds.

How can I sign up for RSS feeds from the OCC?

If you have an RSS reader and wish to acquire our feeds, use the links at the top of this page. Many web browsers have built-in functionality for reading RSS feeds, so you may not need to install any additional RSS feed software on your computer. Note that these feeds are coded in a format for news reader software to interpret and will not render correctly in your Web browser. You will only see raw code. To subscribe read the instructions that came with your reader application.