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A fundamental aspect of banking is managing capital and capital requirements. In coordination with other U.S. regulators and international standard setters, the OCC identifies and develops policies to address emerging risks to bank capital. We provide a variety of resources and expert assistance to national banks, federal savings associations, advisors, and examiners on risk-based capital issues.

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08/29/2023 NR 2023-95 Acting Comptroller Issues Statements at FDIC Board Meeting on Proposals to Improve Financial Stability and the Resolvability of Large Banks
08/29/2023 NR 2023-94 Agencies Request Comment on Proposed Rule to Require Large Banks to Maintain Long-Term Debt to Improve Financial Stability and Resolution
08/29/2023 OCC 2023-29 Long-Term Debt Requirements for Large Bank Holding Companies, Certain Intermediate Holding Companies of Foreign Banking Organizations, and Large Insured Depository Institutions: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking