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Managing the Nation's Currency

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The OCC’s Role in Establishing Trust in Banking

Creating the OCC had a two-fold purpose: to fund the Union war effort and to unite a fractured country by using one national currency. Learn about the OCC’s role in U.S. currency, how it was designed, made, and destroyed, and some of the people involved in the banknote business.

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To commemorate the OCC's 160th Anniversary, the agency has installed a curated historical display. Photos of the display can be seen below.

Managing the Nation’s Currency: Timeline 1863 through 1913
Managing the Nation’s Currency: Life and Anatomy of a Banknote

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  • 160 Years of Safeguarding Trust in Banking: 1863 - 2023

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    The OCC has steadfastly served the American public for 160 years by ensuring the federal banking system is safe and sound, provides fair access to financial services, treats customers fairly, and complies with applicable laws and regulations.