Previous Comptrollers of the Currency

Since Hugh McCulloch, the first Comptroller of the Currency, took office in 1863, distinguished Americans—including bankers, attorneys, and a Nobel Prize winner—have led the OCC and made significant contributions to U.S. history. Learn about them here.

Past Comptroller Thomas Curry Biography Image

Thomas J. Curry
30th Comptroller
2012 - 2017

Past Comptroller John Dugan Biography Image

John C. Dugan
29th Comptroller
2005 - 2010

Past Comptroller John Hawke Biography Image

John D. Hawke Jr
28th Comptroller
1998 - 2004

Past Comptroller Eugene Ludwig Biography Image

Eugene A. Ludwig
27th Comptroller
1993 - 1998

Past Comptroller Robert Clarke Biography Image

Robert L. Clarke
26th Comptroller
1985 - 1992

Past Comptroller Todd Conover Biography Image

C.T. Conover
25th Comptroller
1981 - 1985

Past Comptroller John Heimann Biography Image

John G. Heimann
24th Comptroller
1977 - 1981

Past Comptroller James Smith Biography Image

James E. Smith
23th Comptroller
1973 - 1976

Past Comptroller William Camp Biography Image

William B. Camp
22th Comptroller
1966 - 1973

Past Comptroller James Saxon Biography Image

James J. Saxon
21th Comptroller
1961 - 1966

Past Comptroller Ray Gidney Biography Image

Ray M. Gidney
20th Comptroller
1953 - 1961

Past Comptroller Preston Delano Biography Image

Preston Delano
19th Comptroller
1938 - 1953

Past Comptroller J.F.T. O'Conner Biography Image

J.F.T. O'Connor
18th Comptroller
1933 - 1938

Past Comptroller John Pole Biography Image

John W. Pole
17th Comptroller
1928 - 1932

Past Comptroller Joseph McIntosh Biography Image

Joseph W. McIntosh
16th Comptroller
1924 - 1928

Past Comptroller Henry Dawes Biography Image

Henry M. Dawes
15th Comptroller
1923 - 1924

Past Comptroller Daniel Crissinger Biography Image

D.R. Crissinger
14th Comptroller
1921 - 1923

Past Comptroller Skelton Williams Biography Image

John Skelton Williams
13th Comptroller
1914 - 1921

Past Comptroller Lawrence Murray Biography Image

Lawrence O. Murray
12th Comptroller
1908 - 1913

Past Comptroller William Ridgely Biography Image

William Barret Ridgely
11th Comptroller
1901 - 1908

Past Comptroller Charles Dawes Biography Image

Charles G. Dawes
10th Comptroller
1898 - 1901

Past Comptroller James Eckels Biography Image

James H. Eckels
9th Comptroller
1893 - 1897

Past Comptroller Barton Hepburn Biography Image

A. Barton Hepburn
8th Comptroller
1892 - 1893

Past Comptroller Edward Lacey Biography Image

Edward S. Lacey
7th Comptroller
1889 - 1892

Past Comptroller William Trenholm Biography Image

William L. Trenholm
6th Comptroller
1886 - 1889

Past Comptroller Henry Cannon Biography Image

Henry W. Cannon
5th Comptroller
1884 - 1886

Past Comptroller John Jay Knox Biography Image

John Jay Knox
4th Comptroller
1872 - 1884

Past Comptroller Hiland Hulburd Biography Image

Hiland R. Hulburd
3rd Comptroller
1867 - 1872

Past Comptroller Freeman Clarke Biography Image

Freeman Clarke
2nd Comptroller
1865 - 1866

Past Comptroller Hugh McCulloch Biography Image

Hugh McCulloch
1st Comptroller
1863 - 1865