Erjan Kurbanov

Director of Supervision Analysis, Supervision System and Analytical Support

Erjan Kurbanov serves as Director of Supervision Analysis, Supervision System and Analytical Support at the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Mr. Kurbanov oversees a team that provides analytical support across supervisory units by supporting research on the identification, measurement, and monitoring of risks in the banking system, and relevant financial and economic topics. In addition, his team constructs, manages, and analyzes datasets derived from primary and/or secondary sources to identify and analyze risks in the banking system. He assumed this role in October 2019.

Prior to this position, Mr. Kurbanov served as the Deputy Director of Data and Analytical Solutions in the Economics Department at the OCC. In that role, he managed a team responsible for conducting research and development to support economic analysis. In addition, he was responsible for the management of the data resources, development of analytical reporting solutions, and data governance.

Mr. Kurbanov joined the OCC in 2009 as a Senior Financial Analyst in the Data and Analytical Solutions division. Before joining the OCC, he worked at Fannie Mae at the office of the Chief Risk Officer in model validation group and on a variety of business analytical projects in private sector.

Mr. Kurbanov is a graduate of University of Maryland in College Park sociology doctorate program.