National Banks, Federal Savings Associations and Federal Branches of Foreign Banking Organizations Evaluated on the Basis of a Strategic Plan Under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

As of August 19, 2021

Under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), a national bank, federal savings association, or federal branch of a foreign banking organization (collectively, bank) may apply to the OCC to be evaluated under a strategic plan. The strategic plan option provides a bank with the opportunity to tailor its CRA objectives to the needs of the community and to its own capacities, business strategies, and expertise. Not all of the factors described in the regulation necessarily apply to each strategic plan. The required contents of a strategic plan as well as the OCC's criteria for evaluating a strategic plan are specified in the OCC's CRA regulations at 12 CFR 25.18. Refer to OCC Bulletin 2019-39 for more information on the submission and approval process.

Banks with approved strategic plans are listed below. In accordance with 12 CFR 25.18(e), the list includes banks with draft strategic plans open for public comment for 30 days from the date published on

For strategic plans that are open for public comment, submit comments to the bank or email the OCC at Comments on strategic plans will not be published.

* NA means not applicable and indicates that the strategic plan was approved under the 1995 CRA rule.