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Here you will find instructions and supporting documentation necessary to

  • Form a new national bank or Federal savings association
  • Move an existing institution into the national banking or Federal savings association system
  • Acquire individual control of a national bank or Federal savings association
  • Make structural changes and expand activities at an existing national bank or Federal savings association.

Corporate applications and other activities of national and foreign banks and Federal savings associations are primarily governed by, but not limited to, Title 12, Parts 5 and 100 of the Code of Federal Regulations, which contains information on rules of general and specific applicability, where and how to file, and requirements and policies applicable to filings.

Corporate Activities 
The OCC publishes a Weekly Bulletin containing certain national bank and Federal savings association applications and notices. It is a record of receipt and actions taken by the Comptroller of the Currency on applications and notices filed by national banks for new banks, new branches, mergers, conversions, fiduciary powers, subsidiaries, relocation of main offices and branches, changes in corporate title, branch closings, changes in bank control, terminations, and federal branches and agencies. It also includes merger applications filed by Federal savings associations.

The FSA Bulletin is a record of applications received and actions taken by the Comptroller of the Currency for Federal savings associations. Information in the FSA Bulletin can be sorted by a number of data fields including applicant name, OCC control number, or application type. See the FSA Bulletin Guide for additional information.

Licensing Manual
The Comptroller's Licensing Manual consists of a series of booklets that explain the OCC’s policies and procedures on key licensing topics.

Interpretations and Actions
Find significant decisions on corporate applications, legal staff interpretations, CRA decisions, enforcement actions, and more.

CATS (Central Application Tracking System)
CATS is the secure electronic system used to prepare and submit most Licensing and Public Welfare Investment (PWI) filings to the OCC. CATS may be used by bank employees, as well as official representatives of these institutions including attorneys and consultants.

Application Contacts
Most corporate applications are submitted to the OCC district in which the bank is headquartered. Find contact information and learn about exceptions.

All licensing fees have been suspended until further notice.

National Bank Operating Subsidiaries
A complete list made available through OCC’s

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