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1996 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/18/1996  OTS 96-83,OTS Simplifies Regulations for Savings Associations Subsidiaries
12/13/1996  OTS 96-82,OTS Launches Internet Service with Agency, Industry Information
12/04/1996  OTS 96-80,SAIF Assessment Causes 3rd Quarter Loss; Thrifts Still Profitable for Nine Months
12/03/1996  OTS 96-79,OTS Cuts Organizational Rules for Federal Savings Associations
12/02/1996  OTS 96-78,Q3 1996 - News Advisory: 3rd Quarter 1996 Financial Data
11/27/1996  OTS 96-77,OTS Issues Credit Card & Small Business Lending Rule
11/27/1996  OTS 96-76,OTS Simplifies Conflicts Rule
11/26/1996  OTS 96-75,Dakin Appointed to Head OTS Regulations
11/21/1996  OTS 96-74,CRA Examination Schedule for 1st Quarter 1997
11/13/1996  OTS 96-73,September 1996 Enforcement Statistics
11/13/1996  OTS 96-72,OTS Seeks Comment on Second-Tier Mutual Holding Company
11/04/1996  OTS 96-70,OTS Accuses Former Thrift President of Unauthorized Securities Trading
10/31/1996  OTS 96-69,OTS Civil Money Penalties Increased for Inflation
10/29/1996  OTS 96-68,Downey Says Enhanced Thrift Charter Closer to "Ideal" Community Bank Charter 2
10/10/1996  OTS 96-66,Fiechter Lauds Retsinas Appointment: Expresses Hope for Permanent Director
10/03/1996  OTS 96-65,August 1996 Enforcement Statistics
10/01/1996  OTS 96-64,Fiechter Praises Congress for Resolving BIF/SAIF
09/26/1996  OTS 96-63,OTS Modernizes Lending Regulations for Thrifts
09/09/1996  OTS 96-62,Press Advisory to OTS-Regulated Thrifts Operating in the Disaster Areas of Hurricane Fran
09/05/1996  OTS 96-61,Q2 1996 - U.S. Thrift Industry Posts 2nd Quarter. Earnings of $1.89 Billion
09/03/1996  OTS 96-59,Q2 1996 - News Advisory - OTS Will Report 2nd Quarter 1996 Financial Data for S&L Industry at News Conference on 9/05/1996
09/03/1996  OTS 96-58,News Advisory/Fiechter Delays Departure
08/28/1996  OTS 96-57,Examination Schedule for 4th Quarter 1996
08/23/1996  OTS 96-56,July 1996 Enforcement Statistics
08/16/1996  OTS 96-55,Timothy Stier Named OTS Chief Accountant
08/09/1996  OTS 96-54,California Thrift Fails; Is Transferred to FDIC
08/07/1996  OTS 96-53,OTS Names Robert Albanese Northeast Region Director
07/30/1996  OTS 96-51,June 1996 Enforcement Statistics
07/24/1996  OTS 96-50,OTS Appoints Von Seggern to Head External Affairs
07/15/1996  OTS 96-49,OTS Issues New Guidelines for Appealing Agency Decisions
07/15/1996  OTS 96-48,Federal Thrifts May Market Trust Services in Any State
07/1/1996  OTS 96-46,OTS Statement on Goodwill Decision
06/28/1996  OTS 96-45,May 1996 Enforcement Statistics
06/27/1996  OTS 96-44,April 1996 Enforcement Statistics
06/21/1996  OTS 96-43,Fiechter to Resign From OTS; To Take World Bank Position
06/13/1996  OTS 96-42,OTS Charges Florida Thrift Owner Enriched Himself at S&L's Expense
06/12/1996  OTS 96-41,Reverse Mortgage Loans with Equity Share Okayed
06/11/1996  OTS 96-40,March 1996 Enforcement Statistics
06/10/1996  OTS 96-38,OTS Proposes Overhauling More Regs as Burden Reduction Moves Forward
06/06/1996  OTS 96-37,OTS will Conduct Briefing on Proposed Regulations to Reduce Regulatory Burden on Thrift Industry
06/03/1996  OTS 96-36,OTS Announcement that a News Conference will be Held on 6/3/1996 to Report the First Quarter 1996 Financial Data of the Savings & Loan Industry
05/31/1996  OTS 96-35,OTS Announcement that a News Conference will be Held on 6/3/1996 to Report the First Quarter 1996 Financial Data of the Savings & Loan Industry
05/30/1996  OTS 96-34,CRA Examination Schedule for 3rd Quarter 1996
05/08/1996  OTS 96-33,February 1996 Enforcement Statistics
05/02/1996  OTS 96-31,OTS Issues New Guidelines for Valuating CMO Floaters
04/30/1996  OTS 96-30,OTS Okays Interstate Trust Services via Federal Thrift's Agency Offices
04/30/1996  OTS 96-29,Fiechter Testimony on Restructuring of OTS
04/23/1996  OTS 96-27,Chief Counsel Opinion Stating Thrifts May Buy Neighborhood Housing Services of America Securities
04/18/1996  OTS 96-26,January 1996 Enforcement Statistics
04/17/1996  OTS 96-25,Fix SAIF-FICO, Lift Conversion Barriers Then Do Charter Reform, Fiechter Urges
04/09/1996  OTS 96-24,Thrifts Reduce Their Aggregate New Charge-off Rate on Bad Loans and Investments Nearly in Half
03/26/1996  OTS 96-22,December 1995 Enforcement Statistics
03/25/1996  OTS 96-21,Former Ohio Thrift Counsel Consents to Prohibition
03/19/1996  OTS 96-20,Fiechter Testimony Before the House Banking Committee Still Best Solution to Fix SAIF-FICO
03/14/1996  OTS 96-18,November 1995 Enforcement Statistics
03/13/1996  OTS 96-17,Fiechter Testimony Before the House Banking Committee On Assessing Risk in Thrift Institutions
03/06/1996  OTS 96-16,Thrifts Earn $13 Billion in Fourth Quarter Amid Caution Signs
03/04/1996  OTS 96-15,OTS Will Report Fourth Quarter and Full Year 1995 Financial Data For OTS Regulated Savings and Loan Industry
03/01/1996  OTS 96-14,CRA Examination Schedule for 2nd Quarter 1996
02/29/1996  OTS 96-13,OTS Research Studies Failure Rates of Mortgage Specialists, 1984-1995
02/23/1996  OTS 96-12,Prohibition Restitution and Disbarment of Ohio Attorney
02/16/1996  OTS 96-10,Kaplan Gets Cease and Desist Order
02/16/1996  OTS 96-09,New OTS Form Simplifies Reporting Crimes and Suspicious Activities
02/15/1996  OTS 96-08,Thrift Conversions Generate Near Record Capital In 1995
02/13/1996  OTS 96-07,Angelo Vigna To Leave OTS For N.Y. Investment Firm
02/07/1996  OTS 96-06,October 1995 Enforcement Report
02/01/1996  OTS 96-05,September 1995 Enforcement Statistics
01/17/1996 OTS 96-04,OTS Has Reduced Regulatory Burden on the Thrift Industry
01/17/1996  OTS 96-03,OTS Proposes Cutting Lending Regulations by More than Half
01/11/1996  OTS 96-01,Quarterly TFR Streamlined