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1999 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/29/1999  OTS 99-93,Media Advisory
12/20/1999  OTS 99-92,OTS Issues New Compliance Self-Assessment Guide
12/20/1999  OTS 99-91,Morgan Keegan Granted Thrift Charter for Trust Activities
12/20/1999  OTS 99-90,Conversion of Nordstrom's Bank to Federal Thrift Charter Approved
12/17/1999  OTS 99-89,OTS Director Seidman Writes on Y2K 'Super Bowl' in Newsletter
12/15/1999  OTS 99-88,New Factors Figure in Failures, but Regulators Addressing Them, Says Seidman
12/13/1999  OTS 99-87,Joint Release - Agencies Issue Guidance on Asset Securitization Activities; Consider Regulatory Restrictions
12/13/1999  OTS 99-86,Federal and State Regulators Remain Confident That Banks and Thrifts AreY2K Ready
12/10/1999  OTS 99-85,OTS Grants AIG Federal Charter
12/08/1999  OTS 99-84,Year 2000 Agreement with Global Payment Systems Lifted by Regulators
12/03/1999  OTS 99-82,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 1st Quarter 2000
12/02/1999  OTS 99-81,Nation's Thrift Industry Earns $2.09 Billion in Third Quarter
11/26/1999  OTS 99-80,News Advisory
11/24/1999  OTS 99-79,California Thrift Has Right to Charge No clients for ATM Use, OTS Opinion Says
11/19/1999  OTS 99-78,Massachusetts Mutual Granted Federal Thrift Charter
11/18/1999  OTS 99-77,OTS Grants Thrift Charter to Capital Group Companies
11/16/1999  OTS 99-76,Persons Banned From Banking Posted on OTS Internet Web Site
11/09/1999  OTS 99-75,Joint Press Release - Agencies Announce Results of Financial InstitutionWeb Site Privacy Survey
10/27/1999  OTS 99-73,Aetna Granted Federal Thrift Charter by OTS
10/26/1999  OTS 99-72,Fidelity Granted Federal Thrift Charter by OTS
10/21/1999  OTS 99-71,OTS Issues New Guidance on Directors' Responsibilities
10/12/1999  OTS 99-70,Joint Release, Federal Regulators Advise Banks and Thrifts About Risks InHigh Loan-to-Value Residential Real Estate Lending
10/05/1999  OTS 99-68,OTS Releases August Enforcement Statistics
10/01/1999  OTS 99-67,OTS Releases July Enforcement Statistics
10/01/1999  OTS 99-66,Joint Interagency Statement September 1999, RE: Supervisory Approach to Possible Temporary Balance Sheet Growth Due to Y2K
09/23/1999  OTS 99-64,New Rules Adopted for Employment With More Than One Thrift or Bank
09/15/1999  OTS 99-63,Campbell Named Director of Internal Review at OTS
09/13/1999  OTS 99-62,OTS Levies Civil Money Penalty for Violation of Business Plan
09/13/1999  OTS 99-61,Lumbermen's Mutual Granted Federal Thrift Charter by OTS
09/02/1999  OTS 99-60,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for the 4th Quarter 1999
09/01/1999  OTS 99-59,Nation's Thrift Industry Earns $2.12 Billion in Second Quarter
08/27/1999  OTS 99-58,News Advisory
08/26/1999  OTS 99-57,OTS Adopts Final Rule on Letters of Credit, Surety and Guarantee
08/25/1999  OTS 99-56,Joint Press Release - Federal Financial Regulators Lift Year 2000 Agreement with First Data
08/23/1999  OTS 99-55,First Tennessee to Use Thrift Charter for LPOs and Traditional Products
08/06/1999  OTS 99-54,OTS Releases June Enforcement Statistics
07/23/1999  OTS 99-52,Investment Adviser T. Rowe Price Granted Federal Thrift Charter
07/15/1999  OTS 99-51,OTS Releases May Enforcement Statistics
07/15/1999  OTS 99-50,OTS Releases April Enforcement Statistics
07/12/1999  OTS 99-49,Guard Insurance Group Granted Thrift Charter
07/12/1999  OTS 99-48,Joint Press Release on Letter to Financial Institutions Concerning Allowance for Loan Losses
07/09/1999  OTS 99-47,Oceanmark Bank Sold to TFS Financial; First Failure Since 1996
07/06/1999  OTS 99-45,Plain Language Handbook Sections
07/02/1999  OTS 99-44,OTS Grants Thrift Charter to Group Setting Up G&L Bank
07/01/1999  OTS 99-43,Lehman Brothers' Acquisition of Delaware Savings Approved
07/01/1999  OTS 99-42,United Payers & United Providers Approved by OTS to Acquire Thrift
06/28/1999  OTS 99-41,Auto Club Insurance & Auto Club Services Granted Thrift Charter
06/10/1999  OTS 99-39,Thrifts Urged to Post Privacy Policies as Part of Transactional Web Sites
06/08/1999  OTS 99-38,OTS Approves Thrift Charter for Polish National Alliance
06/02/1999  OTS 99-36,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 3rd Quarter 1999
06/02/1999  OTS 99-35,Nation’s Thrift Industry Earns $2.1 Billion In First Quarter 1999
05/28/1999  OTS 99-34,News Advisory
05/27/1999  OTS 99-33,Kaiser Permanente Credit Union Converts to federal Thrift Charter
05/25/1999  OTS 99-32,OTS Grants Federal Thrift Charter to N.J. Manufacturers Insurance
05/21/1999  OTS 99-31,Legg Mason Receives Charter From OTS for Trust Services
05/19/1999  OTS 99-30,OTS Approves First American Financial's Conversion of State Trust Bank to Thrift
05/12/1999  OTS 99-29,CRA Ratings and Evaluations Now Available on Web Site
05/07/1999  OTS 99-27,OTS Releases March Enforcement Statistics
05/07/1999  OTS 99-26,OTS Releases February Enforcement Statistics
04/28/1999  OTS 99-25,OTS Approves American General's Acquisition of Standard Pacific
04/27/1999  OTS 99-24,Grange Receives OTS Approval to Set Up Full-Service Thrift
04/21/1999  OTS 99-23,OTS Grants New Thrift Charters to CNA-Loews and Farm Bureau
04/09/1999  OTS 99-22,Federal Financial Sector Group of the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion - News Advisory
03/30/1999  OTS 99-20,Federal Agencies, First Data Agree on Y2K Readiness Deadlines
03/26/1999  OTS 99-19,OTS Grants Thrift Charter to Guardian Life Insurance
03/23/1999  OTS 99-18,Joint Statement on 'Know Your Customer'
03/23/1999  OTS 99-17,OTS Director Seidman Suggests New Track Record Adjusted Mortgage
03/19/1999  OTS 99-16,OTS Releases January Enforcement Statistics
03/11/1999  OTS 99-15,Joint Interagency Letter - Allowance for Loan Losses
03/03/1999  OTS 99-13,OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 2nd Quarter 1999
03/02/1999  OTS 99-12,Revisions to Uniform Risk-Based Capital Rules Adopted for Thrifts and Banks
03/02/1999  OTS 99-11,U.S. Thrift industry Earns Record $7.6 Billion in 1998
02/25/1999  OTS 99-10,News Advisory
02/10/1999  OTS 99-09,Former Texas Thrift Officials Settle OTS Charges; Hurwitz Hearing Resumes
02/09/1999  OTS 99-08,OTS Grants Thrift Charter to Lutheran Brotherhood
02/08/1999  OTS 99-07,OTS Proposes Rule Clarifying Exempt Multiple S&L Holding Company Status
02/05/1999  OTS 99-05,Former Palm Beach Federal CEO Agrees to Settlement With OTS
02/04/1999  OTS 99-04,OTS Releases December Enforcement Statistics
01/19/1999  OTS 99-03,OTS Rule Cuts Red Tape for Capital Distributions
01/19/1999  OTS 99-02,OTS Says No Enforcement Actions Taken in November