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Credit Risk Analysis Division

Credit risk chart

The Credit Risk Analysis Division's (Credit RAD) primary areas of responsibility include: direct exam support for bank supervision, scholarly and policy-orientated research, and economic and policy analysis to support the development of sound banking policies. In direct bank supervision support, staff serve as technical advisors to examiners on the design, development, and assessment of banks' risk measurement models and tools related to underwriting, account management, and Basel II/ IRB regulatory capital requirements. In addition, the division has an active research program that contributes to the general understanding of quantitative modeling issues in financial economics and applied econometrics in particular, and banking issues in general. Staff conduct original research on quantitative issues related to the development of statistically sound credit-risk models and integrate the knowledge gained into the supervisory process. Credit RAD staff also actively participate as quantitative experts in intra-agency, inter-agency or international policy working groups to support the development of policy.

Credit RAD Staff

Qi, Min
Consumer Credit Commercial Credit
Deputy Director Deputy Director
Consumer Credit Staff Commercial Credit Staff
Andersson, Fredrik
Chen, QingQing
Kiefer, Hua
Mayock, Tom
Reynolds, Christopher
Roy, Maxime
Tiernan, Natalie
Barakova, Irina
Guo, Zhengfeng
Hasan, Nazmul
Li, Phillip
Parthasarathy, Harini
Wu, Deming
Zhao, Xinlei
Other Staff
Dawson, Lori
Goad, Andrew R.